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fashionable swim wear for your little fish from my swim baby :: review

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This is my first summer being a mom of three. In just a few short weeks, my eldest daughter will be a full-time kindergartner and my son will be in “three-school” two days a week, leaving just me and my (almost) 1-year old baby girl to spend some quality time together. My overloaded and overworked summer brain is in love with this prospect. Until then, however, we are all about finding fun things to do during the so-called ‘dog days of summer.’ Most of them, of course, have to do with water. We have run through our sprinklers time and time again, made friends at our favorite local splash pad, and sat poolside with the warm summer sun smiling down on us from overhead.my swim baby

It goes without saying that the proper swimwear is an absolute must. My new swim diaper and hat from My Swim Baby have been a summer staple thus far. Not only are they super cute (the hat is even reversible!!), but they are lightweight and easy to clean. The swim diaper is reusable which, as any mom with little ones knows, will save beaucoup bucks on all-too expensive disposable swim diapers. It doesn’t absorb water, so your baby will not get logged down by pool water. And the girl version even has adorable ruffles on the behind. So cute!!

The hat has long straps which are easily tied, making this hat officially the first one my sweet baby girl has not been able to remove. Straps, 1. Velcro, 0. Plus the wide brim of the hat keeps the sun out of her eyes, which has been a battle since we first ventured out into the summer sunshine. The summer is almost half over and soon we will be lamenting the loss of these beautiful hot days. But for now, we are making the most of it and our swim diaper and hat from My Swim Baby have been close at hand every time!  I highly recommend them for your swim baby!

My Swim Baby swim diaper :: $9.95
My Swim Baby sun hat :: $9.95

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  • Renee
    July 26, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Oh MAN I am totally doing this with Caitlyn next year. Luckily this summer my youngest at 2 is fairly potty trained and won’t go in her bathing suit so I’m getting away without the disposable diapers this year for the first time but my third will be about 9 months next summer and I HATE spending money on disposable swim diapers that they were for 1 hour 😛