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Summer break is upon us. It’s time to start making that list of ways to keep the kids from using those three dreadful words: I AM BORED!

Here are 5 simple and cute ideas to keep them busy and having fun all Summer-long. My favorite part is that most of the materials used here are things you probably have lying around your house!

1. Make Your Own Wind Chimes

Using some empty cans, washers, paint and string, you can create your own whimsical wind chime. Just be careful what kind of paint you use when decorating your cans. One good rain and your wind chimes will go from colorful to a simple silver again. {how-to & photo credit: Hands On As We Grow}

2. Kiddie Car Wash

Need to cool off or maybe just wash off? Create a Kiddie Car Wash! With some PVC pipes (and a few other pieces), sponges, and pool noodles, you can create your own Kiddie Car Wash, a great twist on the traditional sprinkler. This one takes a few tools and a little time to create but Menards does a great How-To Video to get you going. {photo credit: Kid Crave}

3. Bubble Refill Stations & Homemade Bubbles

My kids love blowing bubbles but it seems we run out of bubble solution quite often. Usually because someone ends up spilling their bottle of bubbles (although no one knows how it happened!). Re-using a laundry detergent dispensing bottle or even an old lemonade dispenser with a spout is a great way to create a Bubble Refill Station! Use this simple homemade bubble mix and you’ll have bubble fun all Summer! {refill station how-to & photo credit:  Gwenny Penny}

4. Make a Western Town complete with Noodle Ponies

This one could keep your kids pretty busy for a while {yay!}! Start stocking up on some empty cardboard boxes of varying sizes now. For larger boxes, check with your local furniture store for some of their appliance and furniture boxes. Cut out some doors and windows and then let your kids go to town with some paint or markers. Let them create stores, banks, restaurants, or a jail house. Then, using some pool noodles, you can even create your own Noodle Ponies! Yee Haw! {photo credit: Design Dazzle}

5. Hula Hoop Hideouts


After all of that Summer fun, your kids might be needing a little down-time. These Hula Hoop Hideouts are a great way to create reading or relaxation nooks for your kids. With the help of a hula hoop, old sheet, and some rope, you’ve got the perfect shady spot for a picnic, reading, or even a nap! {how-to & photo credit: The Craft Nest}

What’s your favorite Outdoor Kid Craft? 

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  • Ginny
    May 31, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Seriously, this is the greatest post! I want to try all these ideas…even the car wash.