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think mophie for mother’s day :: review

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mophie 2013 logoWe’ve all become so accustomed to using our phones for just about everything these days, haven’t we?  It’s our camera, social media mothership, calculator, calendar, video recorder, shopping assistant, email device, text center and some people still actually use them as an actual phone!  Unfortunately, no matter how much battery life they put in these little buggers, it just isn’t enough.  Let me introduce you to my new best friend: the mophie juice pack helium for the iPhone 5.  I was sent this bad boy for a review…now let me tell you about it!

At first look, the helium simply looks like a nice sleek phone case.  Don’t be fooled!  The mophie juice pack helium holds a 1500mAh lithium polymer battery inside this ultra-thin case that gives you up to 7 hours of daily usage on your device and up to 30 hours of audio playback.  No more plugging those phones in halfway through your day!  Originally, I had a strong interest in the mophie brand because I do a fair amount of traveling and it seems like when I travel my battery life drains much quicker than normal.  In my experience, with this product so far, I would say it’s great for everyday use as well.  I had my husband take it to the office one day to test it out, and he got through the entire day, with stops after work on the way home.  No need for charging.  Fabulous!

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 The first battery case available for the iPhone 5, the helium is ultra-thin and packs a 1500mAh battery, providing mom with an added 80% of battery life. Not only will mom not have to worry about missing an important call or capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment, but the case provides protection for the phone, and because of the thin design, can easily fit into any of her pockets or handbags.

You can simultaneously charge your iPhone and juice pack via the included USB cable.  So when you head out, you will now have more battery life than you should need.  The juice pack uses an LED indicator so you can check the status of the battery and even a standby switch so you can use it only as needed if you prefer.  mophie juice pack airI have personally had my phone down to about 20%, switched on the juice pack and it charged my phone all the way back up to 100%.

Ladies, you need this!  It may not seem like an awesome gift for Mother’s Day, but it’s probably one of the most practical gifts you could get.  After all, it’s WAY better than a vacuum because chances are you will be using your phone more than your vacuum, and you use your phone to take priceless pictures, am I right?? 🙂  How about asking for a mophie instead of flowers this year?  I know that I have wanted one for SO long now, so this momma is happy!!

mophie juice pack helium :: $79.95

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