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Fellowes Bankers Box logoI love this time of year.  Specifically because the nasty cold weather departs and the lovely warmer weather is welcomed with wide open arms.  The gorgeous weather and all the sun shining through the windows does allow analyze what has happened over the long winter months.  Dust everywhere, piles hidden in corners, closets jammed with things because it’s too dark to notice.  Spring cleaning has commenced in our house, and by the looks of a few areas in our home from the Before pictures from my first post, Spring cleaning was necessary for our family!

Let me remind you of what my storage area looked like BEFORE my project began (You can see the full first post HERE)…

Fellowes Bankers Box Before Picture

Now check out the AFTER…

Fellowes Bankers Box AFTER Picture
Let’s chat about my “findings”.  When looking at the pictures above, you may or may not think I have moved the earth with my organization.  Oh, but how you are wrong!  What this little before and after project forced me to do was dig in deep and figure out what was needed, what wasn’t and then get it all organized in spaces that I now know where to find things.

The Fellowes Bankers Boxes seriously rocked.  I should have taken some close up pictures. What you can’t see are little windows in some of the boxes.  There are also handles on each of the boxes.  Have you ever had storage boxes with bad handles, and the second you go to pick up the box, the box rips or breaks right at the handle.  Ugh!!  Not with these thankfully, genius really!

They come disassembled, so you can organize whenever you have the time.  Or you can purchase a few to have on hand when you feel a good organizing project is moving from your head to reality.

Now for you OCD folks like me, look how pretty these boxes are!  If you are feeling really motivated, you can rock out a storage/organization project and you can have all. the. boxes. match.  Honestly, if I didn’t already have so much invested in the bins I have, I would be all over that! LOL!

As you saw in my first Banker’s Box post, there is a ‘Messiest Closet’ Contest still going on.  You can enter to win a consultation with a professional organizer from the National Association of Professional Organizers and receive up to $500 in free Bankers Box Stackable Storage products.  Five second place winners will also win $500 worth of product. Head over to their Facebook page for more information and learn how you can enter if you haven’t already!

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