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healthy heart :: tip of the week

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healthyheart iconWe’ve been so busy here on SIMPLE that a couple weeks have gone by since our last Healthy Heart Tip of the Week!  Well, don’t think we forgot about you!  Today’s tip comes again from the pages of SELF Magazine and is great for strengthening your legs, but it also sneaks in a great little move to tone your core as well.  Love it!!

Here we go!!  Squat with back to wall, right thigh parallel to floor, left ankle on right knee, arms against wall like a goalpost. Keeping arms pressed against wall, slide arms up until slightly bent (as shown). Lower arms for 1 rep. Do 15 reps. Switch crossed legs; repeat.

HHTOW Wall squat

Healthy Heart Helpful Hint :: This one seem simple enough, right?  Well, the challenge will come after you’ve been in that squatting position for a few seconds and your thighs start to burn.  When things get hard, the natural tendency is to hold your breath.  That’s the last thing you want to do, however.  As I’ve said before, your breath pattern is so important and full breathes in and out will not only send more oxygen to the muscles you’re trying to work, but it will keep you focused on something other than the burn 🙂

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