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bumbleride strollerMy fourth and final baby is currently on the eve of taking his very first steps. My guess is that sometime this week it will happen, and hopefully I’ll be present to see him hit this milestone.

And wouldn’t you know it, as my youngest grows increasingly older, our one and only (10 year old) stroller recently died on us. She was a hard workin’ lady, but after four children and hundreds of miles under her wheels, she was tired. Her wheels literally started to fall off her crumb covered body.

Clearly, a mom to four young kids cannot be without a stroller! So I naturally started shopping and doing my research. And to nobody’s surprise at all, my heart landed directly on Bumbleride. Specifically, the Flyer.


When the stroller arrived, I waited for my husband to get home so we could put it together as a team. I do a lot of things well, but baby gear assembly is typically not one of those things. But from start to finish, the stroller only took around 10 minutes to assemble. Super easy, and without an ounce of frustration from either of us, which is always a nice bonus.

Once put together, we took her outside (strollers are female, right?), for her maiden voyage.  And then I heard it, the compliment of all compliments:

“Wow, this thing is actually really nice.” – said my husband.

You guys, he never EVER says nice things about baby gear. My husband complains about ALL baby gear. The way it’s constructed, the lack of functions, everything is always flawed in some way, shape, or form. But in one short walk around the neighborhood (where he stopped every few minutes to test out a feature or make an adjustment), our lady Bumbleride had won him over.

So yeah, it’s a slick ride. But what else makes the Bumbleride Flyer THE stroller to rule above all strollers?

the bumbleride flyer stroller

Let’s take a minute to “talk stroller”:

You can can catch up on the details and tech specs here, but I would love just for a few minutes to touch on a few specifics that personally sold me on the Flyer:

1. The handlebar is reversible. Basically, by switching the way the handlebar is orientated (which is so easy to do), baby can either be facing you (oh hello mommy) or facing the world. Additionally, the height of the handle bar is adjustable, making it super nice for anyone of any height to use the stroller (I’m 5’3″ and my husband is 6’3″, so this feature is key).

2. The ride is exceptionally smooth, and it turns on a dime. Because both the front and rear wheels swivel independently, maneuvering the stroller is a cake walk. And on that same note, both front and back wheels can effortlessly be locked and unlocked with the quick release wheel locking system. Making whatever terrain you’re covering a smooth ride and handle.

3. The canopy is generously sized. We took the Flyer with us on vacation to the beach, and because of the large adjustable sun canopy, I was able to keep baby Paul out of the sun at all times.

4. The back seat reclines all the way back, to a flat position. Translated: impromptu naps on the go are not problem at all. And reclining from sitting to laying flat is a very smooth and quite transition if you have a baby that falls asleep in the upright position.

5. It’s compact. While there are smaller/lighter/tighter strollers on the market, in my opinion the Flyer is still very compact, without sacrificing any of the truly wonderful bells and whistles (like my favorite feature, the adjustable footrest). The stroller fits really well in the back of my minivan, with plenty of cargo room to spare. Also worth noting, it only weighs 19 pounds!

Basically, we are in huge love.

Good design + amazing function = one happy set of parents.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you that you need a Flyer, regardless of if you’re adding it to your first child’s baby registry or swapping it out for a decade old ride like me?

Bumbleride Flyer stroller :: $420 (although right now it’s listed at $299 on the company’s website!)

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*The product in this review was provided to me for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.*


the social media maven :: emily is a part time freelance writer, wife, and mother to four unintentionally hilarious little kids. emily rants and raves about urban life and living in downtown Indianapolis on her personal blog, DesignHERmomma.com. Her voice can also be heard at babble.com and disneybaby.com. Find more of Emily on her blog, twitter, pinterest, facebook and Google+.

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  1. I learned that to clean and maintain your Bumbleride, they recommend BuggyLove’s Organic Stroller Cleaning Kits

  2. Ive been on the lookout for a good stroller for my special needs guy!

  3. Elayna Spruill says:

    I LOVE how you can reverse the handlebar so baby can face you,

  4. I learned that the handles are reversible 🙂

  5. christine jessamine says:

    I learned the company also makes a double stroller

  6. Candas says:

    I love the recycled fabric – who doesn’t!? But for me a major important feature is the adjustable handle, since my husband is practically a foot taller and we both need to be able to use it comfortably! And the poppin’ colors aren’t bad either. 😉

  7. I absolutely love that this stroller has an adjustable handle. There’s nothing classy about having to bend down while pushing a kiddo in the stroller!

  8. I learned that this stroller is only 19 lbs – and it folds up to be tiny! Both super-handy features!

  9. Emily M says:

    I learned that it is only 19 lbs!

  10. Miranda M. says:

    I really like that the handle can go both ways. All strollers should do that!

  11. Tanae Potter says:

    absolutely love that this can face mommy!!!

  12. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    I like that its 19 lbs.

  13. Would love to win! The colors and versatility win me over.

  14. samantha s says:

    The handle is reversible which is very handy!

  15. Esther Jacob says:

    I learned that the flyer weighs only 19 lb-not too bad for getting in and out of the car.

  16. I love that the company started out as an idea jotted down on a notepad…and that husband and wife worked together to get it all started!

  17. And now, to follow instructions: I LOVE the color you have! The colors are so much better than the average black, brown, pink….

  18. Pick me!

  19. What a neat giveaway! I think I love this stroller!!! My husband wants to have ONE more baby! This would be AWESOME to win!!!

  20. Amber Shoemaker says:

    Adjustable height handle how amazing!

  21. They launched in 2004 and are a family with three children now.

  22. Amazing! “Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.”

  23. chely Frantzen says:

    I learned that bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric

  24. I’m loving the zip off canopy!

  25. Laura Jacobson says:

    I learned that all Bumbleride fabric is composed of a breathable nylon blend for long lasting, color-safe wear!

  26. nicole says:

    i love the sea grass color and that it can ride both ways.

  27. I learned that there’s reversible parts!! a two-fer! =)

  28. Lauren says:

    I just learned that the handle bars are reversible, which I have never seen on a stroller, but would love to try out!

  29. Lauren says:

    Baby #3 is due any day, and this would be a LIFESAVER this summer!

  30. I learned the founders have 3 kids!!

  31. Theresa J says:

    I learned that 8 years ago this was an idea jotted on a notepad

  32. Nicole says:

    I love that the exterior fabric is made with 50% recycled PET!

  33. nannypanpan says:

    i learned it comes in 4 colors

  34. I LOVE the snack pack.. Hate yucky plastic ones. This one is so clever http://www.bumbleride.com/strollers/snack-pack.php

  35. Jackie G says:

    I found out the Flyer features a height- adjustable handle which is perfect for my tall husband.

  36. They use Bamboo charcoal fabric

  37. Rachel L. says:

    I found out that the stroller handle is reversible & I love that! So convenient!

  38. I learned:
    Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

  39. Joshua K says:

    My wife has been looking everywhere for a reversible handle stroller. I’m hoping to make her a very happy lady if I can win this! I love the review and it sounds perfect.

  40. Stephanie G says:

    I learned that it comes with a universal car seat adapter and a rain shield comes standard with the stroller!

  41. Nicole U says:

    I love that the fabric is made from recycled material and bamboo. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Love that the Bumbleride Flyer has a reversible handle and uses eco friendly fabrics.

  43. I love that color selection 🙂

  44. I really like the reversible handle. The stroller seems very flexible: it adapts to a carseat, allows baby to be pushed facing out or facing in, etc

  45. Tian A says:

    I learned that New Bumbleride Flyer has reversible handle.

  46. meegan whitford says:

    Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric. Polyesters are known for their durability and ability to stay vibrant.

  47. Crystal Robinson says:

    I didn’t know the handle is reversible; that makes it even better!

  48. I love the giant canopy!

  49. Melissa says:

    I love that the handlebar is adjustable, my husband and I have a huge height difference!

  50. Kristin H says:

    Made with easily renewable resources-cool!

  51. Julita K R says:

    I learned the Corduroy Button in Baltimore, MD is my closet retail if I don’t win this stroller and for inclimate weather there is a foot muff and a rain cover for sale as accessories.

  52. Georgia says:

    Here’s hoping we win!

  53. Alecia Bellgraph says:

    I learned that it only weighs 19 pounds! Which is so awesome!

  54. Jenni L. says:

    I learned that the company was started by a husband and wife team a year after the birth of their first child.

  55. Misty Gutierrez says:

    What a great giveaway! The hubby has been bugging me to have baby number 5! This would be amazing to win!

  56. Nicole says:

    So awesome! I love the reversible handle!

  57. Krystal says:

    I visited the website and am stoked to know that it comes with a rain shield and that you can add on a snack tray.

  58. Aimee Buck says:

    I like that it only weighs 19 pounds.

  59. Deborah says:

    I learned that “just 8 years ago Bumbleride was an idea jotted on a notepad and a few concepts pinned to a corkboard. “

  60. I learned the handle is reversible. And the colors are great!

  61. Caroline Marchant says:

    I love the snack packs and ordered a couple of them just this morning! 🙂

  62. there’s a uk brand coming to the us

  63. Brianna says:

    I have been droooooling over this stroller for awhile now, praying for my current, much-loathed, stroller to break.

  64. Ruth J. says:

    I love that they’ve made a commitment to make baby and the environment safer and better. They are using recycled fabrics and are doing more and more to take care of their world.

  65. The reversible handle is awesome. You don’t see that on just any stroller

  66. I love that it’s adjustable for height, I am not that tall but I find most strollers to be too short for me and I end up hurting my hands. I also love all the colors!

  67. Valerie says:

    Wow, sounds like a great design! Love your review too 🙂 I’d love a Bumbleride!

  68. Rochelle Luaders says:

    I learned that the rain cover is a standard accessory! Also, it fits my car seat (graco snugride). Cool!

  69. An adjustable handle?! My 6’8″ husband will love this!

  70. Emily Myers says:

    Love that the handlebar is reversible! What a great idea!

  71. Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

  72. Leslie G says:

    I learned they make a double and that you have so many options to change them around. Love this company.

  73. Alexander Hall says:

    Wow, we love Bumbleride! Great design and thought!

  74. Kristie Belding says:

    I learned about the Twin Indie. Most of the double riders I have seen share foot rests. This one does not. This is great for restless tots who want to sprawl!

  75. Benjamin Spaulding says:

    I love the reversable handle. This is amazing for a lightweight stroller.

  76. Jessica says:

    The canopy has a zipper for air flow.

  77. mindy klugmann says:

    I had no idea the handle was reversible and totally love that!!!!!

  78. Pretty awesome features, and used recycled material to make the fabrics? Impressive!

  79. Cindy Kong says:

    Wow, I’m looking for a new compact stroller and this stroller sound so awesome. I would love this for my lil girl. Love all the features.

  80. shterna says:

    love the reversible handle

  81. I loved the fact that you can purchase the snack pack accessory. I am having trouble using my umbrella stroller because it doesn’t have that option.

  82. Jessica Raymond says:

    I love our Bumbleride Indie twin, but would love a single flight with a reversible handle for when it’s just the baby and I.

  83. Abby Jensen says:

    I learned about the handles that can be changed- up/down forward/backward. Love.

  84. deana lamm says:

    i love the reversible handle i also love that they are eco friendly

  85. neta sivan-shani says:

    so convenient and also looks great!

  86. neta sivan-shani says:

    so convenient and also quite a looker!

  87. Aga Morrison says:

    I LOVE all of the Bumbleride products!! The Flyer seems like a comfortable yet lightweight stroller. I would love to have it, especially that soon we’re going on a long (18 days! Across 6 states) road trip with my 3 year old and my 6 month old ( crazy! I know;-)It would be great to have this nice stroller for our baby boy. It has a massive canopy and great recline, yet it’s light and compact.It will make traveling with the little ones much much easier.

  88. Katie Stewart says:

    I visited Bumbleride and learned that the Flyer comes standard with a Car Seat Adapter Bar!!! I love when a lightweight and compact stroller can also be a “travel system”!! So cool!

  89. Addison Kat says:

    Learned that the handle is reversible, awesome!

  90. This stroller is pretty much perfect.
    I learned (and love) that its weight capacity is 45lbs which means that both my 8 month old and my 3 year old are ok to ride in it!

  91. elizabeth miller says:

    I love that the canopy truly is full sized and that it really lays to flat!!!!

  92. Jennifer A says:

    Love the reversible handle!

  93. Sarah Trout says:

    I didn’t know the founders of Bumbleride had three kids! Me too!

  94. Nicole Biddle says:

    Reversible handle!

  95. My daughter is expecting her first child in a few months and would LOVE this stroller!!!! I love the reversible handle, the colors, just everything about it!! I sure wish we had strollers like this when I needed one and would love to give this to her for her first baby!

  96. I would love a Bunbleride Flyer for my little one.

  97. Tiffany says:

    I actually didn’t know that this stroller was compatible with a car seat… and it comes with the adapter bar!!

  98. Whoa! Bamboo! Who knew?!

  99. would love this flyer, as most strollers are so heavy for the “nana” to lift and fold! the reversible handle is the best feature, and i had something like that for my daughter, years ago.

  100. I love that it lays down all the way….what a great idea to help naps last longer!

  101. Jessica says:

    Love that the handlebar is reversible!

  102. I LOVE the fact that the handlebar is reversible. Also that is compact, no one wants a bulky stroller. 🙂

  103. Adrian Mansion says:

    Their products are cleaner for your baby and better for the environment. Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

  104. I love that the back seat reclines all the way to a flat position – don’t need a bassinet for my baby !!!

  105. Heather says:

    I am expecting my second baby in August and would LOVE to have a Bumbleride Flyer! From the website, I love that the handle is reversible, and although all of the colors are great, I love the aqua!

  106. I LOVE the color options! This thing is a great looking stoller and makes me feel stylish! I cant say I have ever said that about any baby gear or item I have ever owned. Great product and great company.

  107. Shannon says:

    I learned and love that it’s made with eco-friendly materials! Makes me feel like I’m making an environmentally friendly choice and not just choosing a product on looks…although it’s an undeniably beautiful stroller! I didn’t realize the handle is reversible…how awesome is that?! I’m always stopping and peeking around the front of ours just to make sure Baby Girl is ok. Great feature!

  108. Susan Tsui says:

    I’m entering to try to win the bumbleride flyer for my 2nd child due Oct 2, 2013. I’d love love to use this stroller as an everyday stroller for baby #2. 🙂 Please pick me!!!

  109. Kristina Smith-Payne says:

    love that bumbleride is eco-conscious!

  110. Toral D. says:

    Love this – would make a great travel stroller!!

  111. Heather says:

    A lightweight, portable stroller with an SPF45 cover and reversible handlebars available in an array of colors:)

  112. I learned the fabric is cleaner for both child and environment.

  113. Lightweight with all the features!

  114. Tiffani P. says:

    I love that they use recycled material for fabric!!!

  115. Kelly Beekman DeSchepper says:

    Adjustable handle that also is reversable – sounds awesome (My hubby is well over 6 feet as well, so . . . anything that gets taller for him is good!)

  116. Lindsey says:

    I love that the handle reverses and that it folds so compactly! Bumbleride has such great products!

  117. Melissa says:

    Fabric made from recyclable material — very cool!

  118. Shaindy B says:

    Love the handle of the Flyer!

  119. Alison S. says:

    Never knew the handle was reversible!

  120. I just love the name Flyer!

  121. Kimberly D says:

    I would love one. Pretty please!! 🙂

  122. I’ve never seen a stroller with a reversible handle.. maybe I haven’t been looking closely enough, but that is amazing!

  123. Marty Folwell says:

    Looking at the company’s website I also noticed all the great accessories… both included with the stroller and available seperately. And the colors are gorgeous! Plus great eco friendly materials?!? LOVE!

  124. Megan Elkins says:

    I learned how easy it is to put together.My absolute favorite feature is the reversable handle bar!!!

  125. Marty Folwell says:

    I love that you included pics of it folded in your minivan!! That helps so much. It’s nice that the stroller is so compact but still has so many great features!!

  126. Brittiny Whitbeck says:

    I have absolutely LOVED these strollers. But I didn’t know they were made out of recycled material and that the Flyer was reversible!

  127. Sarah Zurn says:

    I would love to win this stroller!! Love how compact it is!

  128. Jessica says:

    I learned recently they changed all their fabrics to natural fabrics including bamboo.

  129. Shannon P says:

    I love the reversible handle and that they use recycled materials!

  130. Chrissie says:

    Bubleride rules! It’s also good to know that the compact Fliyer does not sacrifice some good features and the handle bar is even reversible! Would love to have one!

  131. Tessa R. says:

    I learned about all the cool accessories they have to go with their strollers. This company really has some nice products.

  132. The compact fold is a mom’s dream! I also like that the company uses recycled material in their products.

  133. Sherry Green Miller says:

    What an amazing piece of equipment!! Adjustable to height, reversible handle where you can watch baby if you would like, light weight, easy to tote on the go and smooth riding for babies naps!! I would absolutely love this stroller!!!!!

  134. Kristen G says:

    I had no idea that the Flyer is reversible! That is such an awesome feature! I love it.

  135. The handle is reversible… Awesomeness!!! I love Bumbleride! Today I learned the company was started by a husband and wife who were inspired by the birth of their 1st child… them having 3 children of their own sure makes me trust they know what is needed in a baby stroller! I need this stroller in my life, it is perfection!

  136. Jennifer K. C. says:

    I learned about the bamboo charcoal fabric, super neat!

  137. I need this stroller! I always have stroller envy when I see strollers like this on the street. My stroller is pretty basic and gets the job done, but with this, it would be an easier job!

  138. I learned how easily it folds up – and so compact too!

  139. Reversible handle PLUS lightweight, these rarely come together. Awesome stroller, would love to win!

  140. I love the reversible handle and the flat recline too. Our cheapy stroller only goes back a couple inches and the poor thing sleeps so uncomfortable in it. I hate it and we can’t afford a new one right now. And I feel bad cz it was my choice and the review said that it is reclinable 🙁

  141. I absolutely love the reversible handle bars!

  142. Really? the handle on the flyer is reversible? AWESOME! and recycled material is used to make the fabric! That’s truly Eco friendly and smart!

  143. Bethany says:

    I love the reversible handle and that the seat reclines flat. You don’t see that in many strollers like this!

  144. Miranda M. says:

    I learned that its got a neat little snack pack tray and includes a rain shield. Those features are pretty neat!

  145. I love how the canopy is so large and the handles reverse! it’s amazing!

  146. I love that they are committed to using greener materials!

  147. Mary Bennick says:

    I like the flat recline. Good for napping.

  148. I learned that the handle is reversible.

  149. love the reversible handle

  150. Amanda Manley says:

    I like the reversible handle and the way the seat lies flat. Nice!

  151. Chelsey says:

    The company was started by a couple taking care of their first child. A sweet beginning.

  152. Ashley B. says:

    They use recycled PET for the exterior and bamboo charcoal for the interior!

  153. Jason LaDere says:

    Nice article.

  154. Jessica M. says:

    I learned that this company was started by a mom and dad (Matthew and Emily) and I just want to say bravo to them for making such an awesome stroller! I am totally loving all of the features! Sweeeet!

  155. Austin Baroudi says:

    I learned that the handle is reversible!

  156. Deidre J says:

    After exploring the Bumbleride.com website, I learned that the Flyer has a 45 SPF sun canopy! Awesome! I truly appreciate the extra protection for my most precious cargo!

  157. I am expecting my first baby in November and would love to win this stroller. I like that it is compatable with several infant carseats including the ones we are considering.

  158. They have nice, ecofriendly fabric!

  159. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I learned it is car seat compatible – it comes with a universal car seat adapter.

  160. Cassandra Eastman says:

    This stroller looks amazing!!! I learned you can reverse the handlebar so baby can face you, how cool is that!?

  161. I like the reversible handle.

  162. Jessica says:

    Love that it lays ALL the way back! And the colors!!!!

  163. Patricia says:

    It has neat features like a reversible handle which can come in handy. It only weighs 19 lbs.

  164. I love the Reversible handle. “Flyer’s quick release reversible handle allows you to face baby in seconds. With independent wheel steering, strolling in the reverse position is easy as well.”

  165. I love the reversible handle and the big canopy!

  166. I love that the handlebar height can be adjusted. My husband is very tall and always says baby gear is not geared towards tall people, so true! I also love that the handlebar is reversible, there are several times I wish I had a stroller with that feature!

  167. The handle bar is reversible and folds up to save space! Even better, it’s made from recycled products.

  168. Brittany says:

    I love that it’s a family owned company! It makes the products even more special when a family designed it with their children in mind!!!!

  169. Robyn Galloway says:

    I like that it holds up to 45 lbs which means I could still use it for my 3 yr old, but that it would also be great for my 5 month old. Not the case with our current stroller!

  170. Sindy Murray says:

    I like the Reversible handle option!

  171. Masooma says:

    I love how the baby can face the parent or out with just a reverse of the handle instead of the whole seat!! It looks and feels like a super expensive European stroller but much more affordable!! I absolutely love Bumbleride!

  172. amanda onstott says:

    i love that the canopy is oversized! perfect for the texas sun!

  173. oh man….I so need a new stroller. We *might* have pushed our britax a bit beyond it’s weight limit with too many bags and supplies.

  174. I’ve loved Bumbleride for a while now, but I didn’t know this was made of recycled materials. Makes it even better 🙂

  175. I love how compact it folds up to! My current stroller takes the whole trunk! Also love the idea of being able to turn the seat to facing in or out. Great review!

  176. Love how eco-conscious Bumbleride is!!

  177. Elizabeth says:

    As a city mom, this would be perfect! Expecially when our nanny spends hours outside with the kids and my baby naps in the stroller!

  178. brooke t says:

    Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

  179. Anastasia b says:

    I learned the company was started just a short 8 years ago, love the reversible handle on that stroller!

  180. Heather says:

    I learned that you can purchase a snack pack accessory for the Flyer!

  181. Anne Perry says:

    I learned that the fabric is made from recycled material

  182. Colleen Maurina says:

    I learned that every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

  183. Becca h says:

    Love the reversible handlebars for different stages!

  184. I like that it’s so lightweight!

  185. Britni Bradford says:

    I learned it is a super versatile stroller – adjustable footrest and canopy, reclining backrest and reversible handle.

  186. I think I would pick this over the Phil & Ted Smart that I own and love. Not sure… Just bought Bumbleride’s Indie Twin, so I’m not sure there’s something to learn after cramming my brain with stroller comparisons over the last few weeks. Whew! Love this little stroller, though. So compact!

  187. Beth Rees says:

    I learned that it is really compact and that every Bumbleride is made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

  188. teresa herrera-honores says:

    love the easy fold and the independent wheel suspension.

  189. I learned that it comes standard with a rain shield (which is awesome) and a cup holder. Also it holds up to 45 pounds.

  190. They have a great blog, who knew? They are featuring a Harvey Karp book.

  191. That it only weighs 19 pounds

  192. Love this stroller! Super functional and sleek design.

  193. I like that it is lightweight and folds down to be nice and compact.

  194. amy rouse says:

    I love the Carrycot

  195. Jennifer says:

    this year, they started making materials that are made from 50% recycled fabric!

  196. LOVE! Would be a perfect gift for our friend’s new arrival…although I’d probably have a hard time not keeping it for our daughter 😉

  197. I had no idea the handles could be reversible?! AND they are height adjustable, that’s huge!

  198. I didn’t know that the fabric is made from recycled materials! That’s so awesome!!

  199. Carrie Phelps says:

    I learned that the company got its start with a few concepts pinned to a corkboard.

  200. i learned the handle is reversible – very cool. What a great stroller.

  201. Very fashionable colors too.

  202. I love the totally adjustable handlebar.

  203. I have five kids and never even heard of Bumbleride! I love ALL the features but especially the adjustable height handle. I am not tall but always seem to have trouble hitting my feet on the wheels of a stroller. I also like that the handle can reverse to let baby look out or look at “the driver.” My all time favorite is that it reclines totally flat which would be nice for sleeping or changing diapers which is nearly impossible to do with a half sitting child.

  204. The huge sunshade, and reversible handle makes this one of the best strollers I’ve seen! I love that they make double strollers too! We’ll need one of those soon!

  205. I didn’t know the company was started by a husband-wife team 8 years ago. Pretty amazing!

  206. Margaret S. says:

    The reversible handle has to be the coolest feature I’ve seen on a stroller.

  207. You had me at “reversible handle”!!

  208. D SCHMIDT says:

    Visited and learned that the Flite is made of durable exterior fabric made from 50% recycled PET, Soft interior fabric made from 50% bamboo charcoal, SPF 45 sun canopy

    • D SCHMIDT says:

      I totally messed up there! I should have commented about the Flyer. Call it enthusiasm ;). Anyway I visited the site and learned Matthew and Emily Reichardt launched Bumbleride in 2004 a year after the birth of their first child.

  209. Gertha Kirkland says:

    What an awesome giveaway. Super fun post to read too. I love all things baby gear, but have to agree that it has to function no matter how cute it is. I had no idea that you could reverse the handle bar. That’s an incredibly thoughtful feature because sometimes kids want to see the world and sometimes they just want to know momma is nearby.

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  212. I learned that the company started in 2004 and has grown from there!

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  215. Elizabeth P. says:

    The Bumbleride team is committed to making baby mobility fun, simple and intuitive.

  216. joanna garcia says:

    love that it has reversible handle and the quick release wheel locking system allows you to reverse the stroller in seconds.

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  221. Ginger G. says:

    It was launched by a couple in 2004, who now have 3 kids!

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  223. Jessica O says:

    Wow! This stroller has everything! I like that it has a universal car seat adapter bar so you can attach any infant carseat to it!

  224. They use bamboo fabric – love it!!!

  225. They use bamboo fabric – love it!

  226. Angela Yeremenko says:

    I just love the reversible handle and independent wheel steering.

  227. I learned that the Flyer has a Reversible Handle and lightweight aluminum frame!

  228. Jaimie Adams says:

    I LOVE that they’re trying to make the products cleaner for our babies. Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric. Awesome!

  229. Jessica s says:

    They launched in 2004.

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  231. I love that every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.That is amazing and it looks like is it so compact and would be perfect for me!

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  239. Sonya Morris says:

    Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

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    I love the compact portability we are always on the go!

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  242. They’re a UK brand coming over to the US and have already gotten some great press.

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  245. I learned that it folds up compactly and is only 19 lbs

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  247. amy pugmire says:

    I learned that just 8 years ago Bumbleride was an idea jotted on a notepad and a few concepts pinned to a corkboard. Inspired by the birth of their first child, Matthew and Emily Reichardt launched Bumbleride the following year in 2004

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    They make the fabric from recycled materials.

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