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*Product in this review was provided to me by the company for the purpose of conducting the review, as well as some images below.  All opinions are my own.*

It’s warm out! (OK, “warmer”). And with every degree the temperatures rises, my desire to entertain seems to grow as well. Neighborhood picnics, family dinners on the porch, even pizza nights can take on new energy when you infuse a little color and fun into the table. And, once again, BrylaneHome offers the solution for your table brightening needs with their Santa Fe Dinnerware products.

 brylane dishes collage

These plates are really fun. With bright reds, yellows, blues and greens in bold bands encircling plates, bowls and mugs, there is no shortage of color to pop off your table. And though hand-painted, this dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe (a must for this mom). When I first saw this collection I immediately thought how much my three-year-old would enjoy lunch served on top of all this color. And he does!

 brylane dish polaroid

The set is generously sized to hold any meal, from breakfast bowls of cereal to steak dinners. And with clean lines, these pieces they will mix well with other dinnerware you may already have. I paired the set of 16 pieces with my white dishes and it looked great. But, honestly, at this price it’s almost a steal to pick up more than one set (each set has four place settings).

I have loved BrylaneHome in the past and continue to stand behind the brand and their great products. They are a real partner, helping me create home spaces I love.


BrylaneHome:: $34.99 :: Santa Fe Hand-Painted Striped Stoneware Dinnerware

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    OOOHHHHH those are so fun Sarah! Love them!