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make every step count with the #fitbitchallenge :: introduction

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fitbit logoI have had my eye on a Fitbit for a while now. I wondered what it was all about and now that I have one… I know.  And what does any good little SIMPLE mom do with you all?  Share the good news!

Basically, the Fitbit one that I am featuring today counts your steps, monitors your sleep and keeps you motivated!

I’m going to be writing a couple posts on the Fitbit and how I have fit it in to my life.  For starters though, let me introduce you to my Fitbit pal…he talks to me…FitBit OneOk, so “he” doesn’t really talk to me but on the screen there are little phrases that scroll across.  Fun! I take it as a personal challenge every time I wear it.  And for those that know me, that’s no surprise. 🙂

For this first post today, I want to share with you the capabilities of the Fitbit product shown above, the Fitbit One. For starters…check out the size! Teeny Tiny…so small you can’t tell it’s on.  Which I like.  When I’m working out I don’t want to feel anything else on my body bouncing around. Same with the everyday…I don’t want to be weighted down. I’ve worn it in three areas, all are good. So, this meets that first criteria!

Second, I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have time to go over to my computer, sync my devices after each time I wear them.  The devices from Fitbit all sync wirelessly. Major thumbs up! And, I haven’t had it mess up yet. 🙂

Third, there is a pretty fantastic program at where you can virtually track your food, steps taken, floors climbed and sleeping patterns to name a few.  It is very user friendly.  Like, so simple even I can figure it out without my husband’s help LOL!  There is even an app for my iPhone that goes with me everywhere, obviously. One of the coolest features was being able to see what other friends of mine online have a Fitbit. You can then “compete” and watch them and their progress too!

Are you intrigued yet?  Have you used the Fitbit yourself yet?  More to come…

That’s all for today folks.  Stay tuned, I have some more fun coming your way soon! A couple posts on how to consume more water in a day, how to trick yourself and get more steps and more!

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fitbit one :: $99.95
fitbit aria :: $129.95
fitbit zip :: $59.95

*I was provided with product(s) in exchange for these posts. However all opinions are my own.*

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