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206x298xthe-good-life-for-less-book-review.jpg.pagespeed.ic.NC3-84xICAI’ve spent the past few days reflecting on 2012 (which was a tough one for me, not gonna lie), and thinking about how I can improve both myself and my home to make 2013 a great year. A year my family will look back on with fond memories.

Basically, 2012 was unorganized, complicated, and stressful. So I’m on a mission to simplify.

I want more time in my day, and less clutter in my life. More time to spend with my kids and husband, doing family activities. Less “stuff” in the house, a place that has unfortunately started to feel heavy and suffocating.

I think some of this yearning to simple up my life came because I just finished the book The Good Life for Less, by Amy Clark.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of “self help” type books, but this one is pretty amazing. Through the pages, Amy (also creator of which is an ah-mazing blog, by the way) discusses topics like creating and sticking to a family budget, and how to become frugal in the kitchen. She even has a whole chapter on simple ways to keep your home clean and clutter free.

But probably my favorite part of the book is the recipe section. Tons of awesome (wholesome, affordable, and healthy) meal ideas that kids will love, and won’t take a whole day to prepare. Tonight, we’re trying out her BBQ Chicken, slow cooker style.

Friends, if you desire a simpler life with less clutter and more money in your savings, this book will get you started in the right direction.

The Good Life for Less :: $15

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*The book in this review was provided to me for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed are my own*


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