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a simple recipe :: autumn mix

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This week I asked Twitter if it’s ok to break out the fall decorations. Twitter said, “YES. You’re late. Get with the program, housewife.”  When purchasing fall decorations, I usually opt for orangey/red garlands, lots of pumpkins, and a few candles with one other very important element. From December to August, my nephew asks me about “those corns”, and his patience will finally be rewarded when he gets to my house this weekend: the Autumn Mix is here!

There are many differing views on the peanut-to-candy corn ratio. I prefer 4 nuts for every corn, but instead of mixing it that way, I just pick out the ones I want, because I use caramel corn, pumpkins, and mixed nuts.

This batch is comprised of the following:
1 can mixed nuts
1 can salted peanuts


Just dump it all in, mix it up, and try not to gain 30 pounds. Obviously, if you have littles, you should keep it out of their reach. Mine is only coming out when company comes over. It’s better for me AND the Allergy Princess that way.

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  • abby h
    September 22, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Oh Erin! I love this 🙂 Yum…this is now on my grocery list 😉 I’ll have to share some with the kids and then hide some for me 😉