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zone diet :: dr. sears {giveaway}

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Zone_logo_150resWhat if everything you have been told about weight gain and weight loss is wrong? This would begin to explain why we seem so powerless against the growing obesity epidemic. Weight gain is not due to a lack of willpower.

What makes us fat and keeps us fat is caused by subtle changes in our diet that have caused inflammation that affects hormonal communication. Food_Group_SmallerTo re-establish this communication, you need adequate protein at every meal to induce satiety, to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to maintain the hormone insulin in a zone that is not too high, but not too low, and finally to dramatically lower the levels of omega-6 fatty acids in the diet to reduce inflammation.

The Zone 1-2-3 Program is a proven way to reduce cellular inflammation, the underlying cause of weight gain. Once you reduce cellular inflammation, fat loss becomes much easier. On the Zone 1-2-3 Program you will get the following benefits:

  • Your clothes will fit better as much of your weight loss is excess body fat, not loss of water or muscle
  • You will enjoy improved mental focus and acuity as your blood sugar levels become more stable
  • You will observe a surge in physical energy as you increase the release of stored body fat to be converted into chemical energy
  • You will have an improved ability to handle stress
  • Finally as you continue to reduce excess body fat, you will have decreased blood sugar, blood lipid, and blood pressure levels

bagel_salmonI am not sure but I think weight is on everyone’s mind regardless if you are fit or overweight.  Are you one of those that says to yourself “Should I be eating this?” because it tastes to good to be diet food.  Well I said that when I used the Zone diet foods.  These foods actually taste great. I couldn’t believe it.  A lot of diet foods taste odd and well just are not good.  With the Zone Diet you can eat pasta, bagels and bread and not feel bad about it.

It also comes with a great meal plan and super easy to follow.  I loved that I could just grab a few things to add to my Zone Diet Foods and I was all set for a meal.  I can say that I actually felt better in the 2 weeks that I did use it then I did normally.  I actually lost 6 lbs as well.  How awesome is that?

The ZoneFast Weight Loss Program :: $179.99

(3) Three SIMPLE readers will win their own chance to try the ZoneFast Weight Loss Program. You will get 2 weeks of the Zone Diet foods.

*I was provided with the Zone Diet to help conduct this review. These opinions are my own*

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